Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy collection

I was not planning to write about the Shane Dawson makeup collection at all and decided about this only two hours ago. I am very excited about the new merch and makeup line and cannot think about anything else. That is how this blog post is coming up to life. I am not on the PR list, I cannot afford anything of it either as I have no job but I can make this post to show my support to Shane and Jeffree.

Not only about that- I still see many questions and doubts about the collection, times and other important information. Therefore I will try to gather all the information together about the whole collection and where to buy it not only in the USA but also in Europe. I hope this will help you get some answers and decide whether this collection is for you!

How it all started?

All of this started a year ago when Shane Dawson decided to make a documentary show on Youtube about Jeffree Star, his life and business. During the filming, they became very close and became best friends- trusting with sensitive information about business and emotional information about the past when Jeffree suffered a lot!

In one episode of the series, they talked about the idea of how cool it would be for Shane to come out with the palette or whole collection and document it because no one has ever done it- film the whole background and process from A to Z of making a palette. That is how the idea was born.

Fall of this year, Shane finally came out with the new series showing what he and Jeffree were working with for the whole year. The series got only positive feedback as far as I have seen from drama channels and fans- even people who have never been interested in makeup or did not know about Shane are very excited. I could add that his series made me inspired to make my dreams come true and also the information they release will help me as a blogger in future collaborations with brands. We all have to know our worth!

Binge watch all the episodes HERE


There have been or are two kinds of controversies (except the mini-controversy- that is the small palette he came out with). The first one is about the series itself.

No, TATI, NO! In the trailer of the series, we could see the big drama that happened between Tati and James. (If you do not know the drama, then you have missed a lot). Many people are following along the journey hope to hear about the drama but it is still not brought up. Many fans starts to wonder if they are going to just ignore it and get a little anxious and annoyed about that. Let’s get it clear. They do not own us anything! They can do series about whatever they want, BUT as they were selling their new documentary to us by adding clips from drama, I think we do deserve at least some commentary about the topic- how do you think?

BORING PALETTE? After the last episode where Shane and Jeffree finally came out with the final result and shades of the palettes, many fans have shown their disappointment that the shades are not excited and they would not get a good use out of it.

My opinion? The palette is GORGEOUS for someone like myself. It has a lot of daily and normal makeup look options but at the same time I love to play with colors and fun looks at times, and there are few really fun and bright shades. Jeffree even explained that the top row is more nude look shades, the second adds some pop of the color but the third is for the sparkly New Year’s eve! What do you think about the palette? I do think it is perfect because it is for people that will wear it when going for a date, to the wedding or wanting to create something colorful.


I have never understood how people spend so much money on the merch (which many times is not even good quality) and having weird logos and saying written on the clothes that no one understands. Now I am the one who dreams of Shane Dawson EdiTEAing pink hoodie a lot! I also saw people reviewing the items and talked about how soft and good quality it is! I support the quality and effort that Shane has put into this merch!

Shane came out with merch some week ago and it sold out quickly in a couple of minutes. I hope they are going to restock everything until I will be able to buy it!

The merch consists of:

Hoodies: $45-55

T-shirts: $25

Joggers: $45

Pig backpack: $80

Hat: $25

Iphone case: $18

Pig slides: $40

Buy Shane Dawson merch HERE

Makeup collection

Conspiracy palette

I am not going to even mention the design that is as Andrew said: if Jeffree and Shane would have a baby! Sick but at the same time very sleek- maybe that is why I love it so much!

The shades:

Ranch: his favourite dressing

My pills: because Shane always need his pills

Tanacon: Will the shade will even be there?

Diet root beer: Shane loves his diet root beer and no video is without it

Just atheory

Spiraling: the word he always use (and I think is not a real thing in English)

Conspiracy: Shane became very popular because of his conspiracy theory videos on Youtube.

Pig-ment: YES! I tweeted long time ago that if he does not use it- he will loose opportunity.

Food videos: this is how it all started for Shane

Trisha: his good friend which has more problems than Iraq, Tramp and Putin together

Cheese dust: because Shane loves his Cheetos

Flaming hot: as well as his hot Cheetos

What’s the tea: we love a good drama

Diet Cola

Not a fact: when making conspiracy videos, important to mention this

Sleep paralysis


My ride’s here: Shane wanted to call it- my Uber is here but did not as it can make problems with the law

PRICE: $52

Mini controversy

Mini controversy is the name that Andrew came up with. It is a lot smaller, more simple palette but still with its vibe. Palette has 9 shades.

The shades include:

Flat Earth: conspiracy theory

Cry on my couch: of Dr. Phil I mean Shane

My boyfriend’s purse


Diet root beer

My apology: Shane had to apologise that he never sexually used cat


Cancelled: tried to cancel Shane one time during this year

The simulation

PRICE: $28


Lipstick collection

I have always wanted to get my hands on Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks because they are the best quality lipsticks there are in the world but I have not yet. Now Shane came out with few liquid lipstick shades that are amazing and dedicated to his loved ones as Ryland (his boyfriend) and Andrew (his camera man)- now I want them even more!

The shades include:


Are you filming?: dedicated to Andrew


I gotta go

Jeffree, what the fuck?

Oh my God!

From all of these shades, I really would love to have: Are you filming?, Ryland, Jeffree, what the fuck!, and oh my GOD!

PRICE: $18 (1x), $90 (bundle)

Shane Glossin’

Shane also wanted to come out with a simple, clear lipgloss.

PRICE: $18

Lip balm

Lip balm that has a scent of a root beer and in enriched with vitamin E.

PRICE: $18

Makeup bags

I am obsessed with the travel makeup bag, but also the small, everyday one is gorgeous. They are that kind of bags that are very luxurious and glam looking. Loving the black design and good quality it holds.


Accessory bag: $25

Imprint travel bag: $30

Double zip makeup bag: $40

Side bag: $35

Iconic pig mirror

Jeffree Star’s STAR mirror is well known around the world, therefore it is only logical that Shane came out with his piggy mirror.

PRICE: $30

The information about the launch


Available November, 1st 2019 @ 10am PST

Where to buy it?

Morphe online store and on actual stores (even thought there is only information of James Charles boring double copy-paste palette). Click HERE!

Jeffree Star online store. Click HERE!

In EUROPE: In Europe the official ”dealer” is Marionnaud. I contacted Marionnaud Spain and they affirmed that they are going to sell the collection but did not respond when, also there IS NOT INFORMATION or shout outs about this. It really surprises me- they should be screaming about it all around the Europe. Click HERE!

For MERCH: Shane Dawson official merch page. Click HERE

I hope that this post gave you more clarity and information about the collection. Follow my blog, subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my Instagram.

What are you going to get from Shane Dawson new collection?

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Disclaimer. I have no rights to any of these photos, they are taken from Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson twitter accounts!

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