The best affordable IKEA products

For a long time I lived in the country where there was no Ikea (they opened it when I moved). Have always heard about it and wanted to see what kind of furniture and homeware they have and now when I have been looking around their website for a week, I decided to share you my favorite pieces and finds of stylish home and interior decors that I would love to incorporate in my own house one day.

I like interiors and homeware just as much as I like makeup and fashion. I have never lived in a very modern and stylish looking house or apartment, but I have always dreamed of one and my Pinterest is full of pinned pins about interior ideas. I do hope and wish to have our own house with the beautiful interior one day, and maybe Ikea will be the one helping me with that!


Mirror, mirror…

I am a beauty and fashion blogger but in my house, I do not have ANY mirrors to see my whole outfit neither do I have a good makeup mirror to get ready in the mornings. These things are in my wish-list because sometimes it is so difficult to understand how my outfit looks altogether, and also I would love to shot more of outfits of the day to post on my social media. Mirrors are a must for me, a must which I do not have and will not until I find a job.

Standing mirror

This is one of the best standing mirrors I have seen. It has hooks on the other side so you can hang. your outfits, you can put it standing on the floor or hang it on the wall and if you do not like the decor part- just take it off.

Price: Eur 49.99

Buy standing mirror KARMSUND HERE

Table mirror

If you have no proper vanity with big mirror (that what beauty gurus have and are my dream to own one day), then I can suggest you this beautiful Karmsund table mirror. With the same design as a standing mirror. It is big enough and the price is very affordable.

Price: Eur 10

Buy table mirror KARMSUND HERE

Furniture for beauty and fashion lover

Every woman who loves her makeup and clothes, need a piece of good furniture to display it and show it off and help to organize all the beautiful stuff she owns. That is why Ikea is a great help for that. Ikea has a lot of good wardrobe pieces for the whole room to display and you can arrange how you need and want for your beauty room or buy a normal-sized closets for your clothes.

White wardrobe

This PAX wardrobe is the perfect, simple but sleek wardrobe for if you cannot afford to have a whole fashion room. It has a body length mirror, drawers for socks and underwear, all kinds of level hangers and everything you need. PAX has many different designs and also a lot bigger ones that I liked, so you can check others out on their website if interested.

Price: Eur 595

Buy PAx Forsand Vikedal wardrobe HERE

Chest of drawers

Either for clothes or makeup, this chest is very great and I also enjoy the handles it has. Looks very sleek but simple. NORDLI yet again has other designs if this one is too small or big for you. I found another one I liked, but that had very bad reviews on it, that is why I decided that it is better to get more expensive one than cheaper and worse quality. Ikea has a lot of chest options, in case this is too expensive or not for you.

If you would use this to display your makeup (like I would), I would put the stickers on the drawers to know what is located where.

Price: Eur 169


Alex designs, drawers and tables

ALEX is popular in the beauty world. A lot of influencers use ALEX designs, there are many options you can choose from an affordable price. I would love to own one of these to myself- sleek, simple and great for displaying makeup. Just what I need!

I will leave the whole page with ALEX designs here in case if you are interested!

Buy ALEX designs HERE

Shoes and bags need attention

I love my shoes and bags displayed where everyone can see them! What is the point to own 20cm high heel shoes that I do not know how to walk in if not displaying them on the shelves for everyone to see?! I have no idea either! For that IKEA has some options as well. This is simple but I can imagine how it would look like arranged with all the bags and shoes inside- sleek and like a treasure chest.

And again to remind you- there are other similar designs and sizes in case this does not suit your needs!

Price: Eur 79

Buy KALLAX shelving unit HERE

Clothes rack

These simple clothes racks are perfect for if you are renting a small room or even apartment and do not have a proper wardrobe or if it is too small. You do not have a lot of space and do not want to spend on an expensive wardrobe which will take space in rented flat and not knowing if in your next place you are going to need it. If you display your clothes on the rack by colors, it will be as a part of interior decor. I would love to have this for when I am doing my youtube videos about fashion. I always love to watch YouTubers who use these. Looks very professional and neat.

Price: Eur 7

Buy MULIG clothes rack HERE


Champagne glasses

I can get so excited about cute champagne or wine glasses. I have some glasses back at parents’ house that I would love to bring over to my new home one day. Nice glasses can change so much even in the interior, kitchen and how the table looks like and just bring another kind of experience when drinking the champagne and celebrating life.

These are my type of champagne glasses- with details and texture, sleek but also very feminine and girly looking. The color is not too much into the face so it feels like my boyfriend would not kill me for these and would not sing a Barbie song when drinking from the pink glass. (By the way, they have also none color simple glasses which look great as well)

Price: Eur 7/ for both

Buy champagne glasses HERE

Espresso maker

Everyone who follows me on my social media or who knows me in life knows how much I love coffee and cannot start my day without a cup of coffee. Obviously I would prefer to have a real electric coffee maker with options to make Latte and Cappuccino but I think this is a great option if you do not have such a money and also the coffee maker looks very sleek for if you have friends or guests visiting (not that many people visit my house, haha).

Price: Eur 15

Buy RÅDIG coffee maker HERE

Decors, candles and the small joy of life

Small details and interior decors give me a lot of joy. I have always loved flowers in my house and when I am going to have more money I will have a house full with fake flowers (because they never get bad and are more affordable, obviously from time to time I will treat myself with fresh bouquet); and also the best-scented candles. I am obsessed with candles especially when having dinner and during the coldest season of the year. Oh and Christmas season, how can we have Christmas season without candles.

Candles and candle holders

I already told you my obsession with candles. I always notice luxurious looking candle holders and good scented candles. They are my passion. If just all these little happy moments would not cost money, right?

I have always loved these lantern type of candle holders. They look great outside, on a terrace or hang up in the trees, but they can also be a great accent inside the house and look great as a design element for a wedding or just interior object. I was very surprised by the price. You only need to buy tea candles in any scent you want, and here you go!

Price: Eur 4

Buy ROTERA lantern HERE

This is a great candle holder. Very affordable, beautiful and feminine and at the same time for many purposes- just use your imagination! For example, I would use these cute cups also as makeup brush holders, or as small flower pots. Remember that you can use the product outside of what description says about it!

Price: Eur 1.50

Buy SAMVERKA tealight holder HERE

This one is one of my favorites. So simple and minimalist but at the same time very modern and can lighten up any area of your house. I like the golden color to it as well and how simple it is. Simplicity many times when it comes to the interior is the key (I have a lot to learn about that yet!).

Price: Eur 7 (also more expensive)

Buy PARLBAND tealight holder HERE

There are a good and a bad side about beautiful candles themselves. They look very good and powerful as interior decor, and need very simple and affordable candle holders; you use them up very fast and easily and need to buy new ones and many times they are only pretty but do not have any scent which always disappoints me. These, on the other hand, smell like bergamot.

Price: Eur 9 (all 3)

Buy NJUTNING scented candles HERE

This golden plate is meant as a candle holder. I would most likely not use it as my candle holder but it would look fantastic for my perfumes on my vanity. The only question is- if gold will look great with the rest of vanity and colors. Always need to pay attention to that.

Price: Eur 5

Buy LINDRANDE candle/ jewelery holder HERE

I like to be organized (even if it does not look like that). Organized life and environment make me more motivated and me being more productive. These organizers are amazing for all the small stuff that is messing around in the drawers and around the house. If you ask me, I would use these to organize my jewelry and hair accessories. And you?

Price: Eur 8

Buy KUGGIS organiser HERE

Now we have finally reached artificial flowers. I was surprised by how many artificial plant and flower options Ikea has. I found the most beautiful one (in the photo) which is already like a bouquet and would look amazing in any interior. I love these colors and I can already see incorporating it in my flat lay and selfie photos of Instagram and blog. Flowers for bloggers is a useful thing. Imagine this bouquet, on that makeup organizer together with white candle holders. A real mood right there!

Price: Eur 5

Buy SMYCKA bouquet HERE

Fairy lights are the best decors ever. They are not cute only for cold and Christmas to decorate the house and lit up rooms but they are amazing all year round or in some special events and parties to decorate the environment. I want to get these for my background when I am filming Youtube video and other ones for my product and outfit flat lays. Ikea has some very beautiful ones and these are my favorites!

Price: Eur 14.99

Buy LIVSAR fairy lights HERE

Price: Eur 5

Buy VISSVASS Led lighting chain HERE

Now on the light note, I am going to end with my IKEA article. How did you like it? There are so many that I would love to include it and if this article going to get a lot of love, I am going to make more of interior and homeware posts. Do you like Ikea and you shop there often? When I am going to find a job, I definitely will do some shopping spree there. Even though I write more about beauty and fashion, Ikea is still one of the brands I would love to work with the most. The prices and a simple but sleek touch to things is my style. Thank you for reading, and we will meet next time!

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