Jeffree Star and Jawbreaker

Jeffree Star is treating all his fans by working harder and harder every year. I cannot keep up with him and his new launches. How people afford to own all his palette and some more of his products? Do they work in three jobs only to buy his makeup? Feel free to share the secret down below.

Summer season is going to start by very colourful and fun makeup eyeshadow palette by Jeffree Star. This time there will also be mini version for the first time- great to throw in a purse or take with you in a travel!

I love to write and gather all the information about iconic and popular makeup, launches and brands. Why would a Jawbreaker be an exception? That is right, it is not! Jeffree can do miracles. Such as turn his sugar addiction into a makeup collection. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you with the Jawbreaker collection! (Drumroll).

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Launching 21st WORLDWIDE!

What is a jawbreaker?

As an European and not American, I needed firstly to find out what is actual jawbreaker to understand the concept, idea and inspiration of this collection. In case some of you do not know the meaning, here it is!

Jawbreaker is hard, round candy that is normally difficult to bite down and must be sucked. They come in all sizes, as big as golf balls. Jawbreakers also has many colours and flavours. Are often sold in vending machines.

Jawbreaker palette

24 beautiful shades. The formula is the same old good as always and as in the old Jeffree star cosmetics eyeshadow palettes (Bloodsugar, Alien, Blue blood).

Palette consists of different formulas: matte formula, crazy shimmers and even metallics. So the palette covers everything you need and more. I am more of an matte lover (adding a bit of shimmer) but I know that some people love metallic formulas and in Jawbreaker palette there are formulas for everyone.

Jeffree Star calls this palette of his version of an rainbow palette. I cannot agree more. I can imagine to do the iconic rainbow look using the palette but at the same time the looks and colours would give completely different vibes as usual rainbow colours/ looks.


Virgin– bone yellow white (matte)

Good morning– soft pale baby pink (matte)

Bubble gum– barbie pink (matte)

Wow– bright, sun yellow (matte)

Suck– brick orangy tone (matte)

Licorice– cranberry red (matte)

Cute– ice light blue (matte)

Fuck– light brick orange shade (matte)

Gum drop– light pale violet (matte)

Snack- shiny gold rose tone

Brain freeze– light sky blue (matte)

Jawbreaker– shiny white

And what?– bright red (metallic)

Orange juice– bright orange (metallic)

Sour– light mint green (matte)

Soaked– beautiful sky blue (matte)

Raspberry– bright raspberry red (matte)

Cotton candy– dark pink (metallic)

Lemon drop– bright yellow (metallic)

Bite me– Shiny bright purple (metallic)

Cherry wet- very hot red/pink (matte)

Tasty– dark brown (matte)

Cone– very pale peachy shade

Delicious– dark blue tone (matte)

?Which is your favourite?

Price. $58

Jawbreaker mini palette “Mini breaker”

The mini palette features 9 shades.

I am obsessed with small palettes. They look so cute, so useful. Can take them with me everywhere. Lately I have really been obsessed with the mini palettes and also this is the one I would love to own.


Double scoop– bright orange colour (matte)

Orange crush– dark orange (matte)

Foreplay– light purple (matte)

Oral- shiny silver glitter (duo-chrome)

Purple punch– bright purple (matte)

Slice– shiny orange-bronze (metallic)

Bubble gum– barbie pink (matte)

Bite me– shiny bright purple (glitter)

Hot fudge– brown cacao shade (matte)

Price. $28

Brainfreeze skin frost pro palette

Jeffree lately has stepped up the highlighter game as well. All true Jeffree Star fans know how obsessed he is about highlighters and that he wants to be seen from the cosmos with that highlight. In last collections he has come out with new mind blowing highlighters and this one is not exception.

With Jawbreaker palette, you can also buy a highlighter palette (this time no liquids). My personal preference are pressed highlighters and not liquids. Easier to use, safer for travels.

Brainfreeze skin frost palette comes in 6 shades: Cold shoulder, Gold breaker, Cocky, Statuesque, Frozen fruit and Freeze tag. Palette also has a mirror (I love extra value for money).

Cold shoulder– duo-chrome white and silver with blue

Gold breaker– inspired by jawbreaker but gold base and colourful details

Cocky– orange, peach shade (for deeper skin tones)

Statuesque– bronze (more for deeper skin tones)

Frozen fruit– rose, pink shade (great for all skin tones)

Freeze tag– icy blue shade (Face tune effect)

Price. $40

Supreme frosts

Another iconic highlight moments. We all know about skin and supreme frosts, now Jeffree is going to launch three more frosts. More glittery finish than the skin frosts. Gives very wet effect to the skin.

Three new shades: Caramel kiss, Diamond wet, Candy apple drip.

Caramel kiss– rose gold pink

Diamond wet– dark bronze

Candy apple drip– metallic emerald dark green

Velour liquid lip formula

This collection has six new shades. Jeffree Star is famous of his high quality lip products and crazy, fancy and colourful shades. They are vegan and eye safe, that is why many makeup artists use them as eye liners! New shades are:

Fully nude– antique pink nude shade

Purple archer– pastel purple shade

Yes, mam’– very hot pink (fuschia)

Strawberry crush– bright coral red ( I need this, reminds me of NYX soft matte in shade Amsterdam)

Bronze blood– very bronze shade, nothing more to add

No offence– neon yellow

Price. $18, bundle price $85

Lip ammunition

Jawbreaker collection also includes 6 new lipsticks of lip ammunition range.

Candy freeze– hot glitter barbie pink

Snow cone– glittery alien green

Jawbreaker– frosty and icy blue

Yummy– bright glittery purple

Glazed– shiny gold with pink glitter

Brown sugar– warm bronze

Velour lip scrubs

Cruelty-free, edible, vegan sugar-based lip scrubs.

Lip scrubs are something not everyone use but I cannot live without one. Velour lip scrubs are definitely in my wish list. Jeffree Star adding three new lip scrubs to this Jawbreaker collection:

Lemon sucker– fresh lemon scent

Cucumber mint– minty scrub

Pineapple juice– exotic pinapple scent

Price. $12


Jeffree Star always add new collection inspired items to his merch. The most iconic moment I feel like is his star mirror that Jeffree wands around in his videos. With Jawbreaker collection he added three new mirrors: Jawbreaker, pink jawbreaker, neon yellow with gold.

Makeup bags are another dream of mine. Jeffree star has a huge collection of beautiful, all kind and style and colour makeup bags but he still comes out with new ones with every collection.

In jawbreaker collection he has added pink jawbreaker travel makeup bag with a vegan faux leather (a must of mine), big pink cotton candy square shaped makeup bag, pink star cutout makeup bag, neon yellow pink makeup bag and few other style of yellow makeup bags.

Tracksuits are another iconic moment for Jeffree. We can always see him in Gucci, Adidas or his own tracksuits. He has even gifted a lot of these tracksuits to his friends like Shane, Andrew and others. New tracksuits will be in neon yellow and orange. As well as light neon yellow jacket for windy days.

Video of Jeffree Star revealing Jawbreaker collection HERE

Jeffree Star cosmetics webpage HERE

Marionnaud- Buy Jeffree Star products in SPAIN HERE


What Jeffree Star makeup items are in your wish list and which do you want? I cannot state all the items that I would want to have.

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