Weekend in The Pyrenees (Broto, Spain)

Welcome back, my beauties! Spending weekends and free days in The Pyrenees has become a tradition of my and partner. We both love campings, nature, mountains and cute mountain villages. He is all about cycling in mountains while I use opportunity to write my blog, vlog or make beautiful photos for my social media and blog.

I have enjoyed to take you all with me on my journeys and I am glad that you like to read about them as well. Thank you for all the love and visits. Do not forget to like and follow my blog, everything help me to bring more content for you!

Going to Pyrenees in Spain was half- spontaneous idea because we planned this for few weeks already but the climate in Spain can be very crazy and every time weekend came closer, so did the rain and wind. Sleeping in camping or cycling is really not much fun when there is a lot of rain and wind. That is why at the end we decided that we are going to only spend one night in the Pyrenees and book not camping but hotel room in a nice, cozy hotel in Broto (village in the Pyrenees).

Broto, Pyrenees, Spain

We live in Zaragoza, so it took us around 2h by car to reach beautiful Broto. The village is really small- 10 minutes walk to each side and you are already out of the town. At the same time the village has all necessary- mountain shop, supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, collage and gas station as well as countless cafes and restaurants.


We saw a lot of motorcycles and later one we realised why, there are plenty of parkings and places to stay for motorcycles in the mountain but not so much for the car. Basically before entering the village, there is one big parking on the left side and some smaller on the right and that is all. In the village itself there are maybe few spots to leave the car which are always full. Well, at least it is for free, right?


In Broto are few beautiful hotels to stay at. We stayed at hotel Sorrosal– small, simple and cozy hotel to spend a few nights. Receptionist where very welcoming, helping with everything and answering questions, kept our bicycle in safe place and just where very friendly and talkative. He as well let as stay 2 hours longer the next day due to my partner wanting to have a shower after cycling and us just having more relaxed day. We were not so lucky to get the beautiful view from hotel room, but were not too upset about that (we went outside to have beautiful views).

Hotel room costs 40 Eur for one night with double bed or you can choose room with balcony and it will be a bit more expensive (5 Eur more). Let me tell you that I saw balconies from the outside and they did not seem worth to spend some euros more (just casual, Paris type of balconies).

For that money better take breakfast at hotel (5 Eur for person). Simple and small buffet type of breakfast but had everything you need- cafe, juices, bread, croissants and so on. As we were the only ones at breakfast and the weather was cold, we did not use opportunity to have breakfast on balcony outside with the great view over village and mountains- but that is the option in general!

Book your stay at Hotel Sorrosal HERE

What we did?

First day we went up in the mountains in our car to visit the Natural park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido (Lost mountain). The park is free of charge and you can choose many hiking trails that the guide and road signs offer you. We (as always) were not ready to hike for hours and spend a lot of time in mountains and forest. We went only to Arripas waterfall that was only 1h walk from the entrance because all the other sightseeings were about 2-3h long.

If I would go to the Natural park of Ordesa another time, I would definitely pack my backpack, take water and some sandwiches as well as more comfortable clothes and go for longer walk in the mountains because the views, river and waterfalls were so beautiful and are definitely worth visiting if you like nature and take beautiful photos.

After having around 2h walk in beautiful forest which had the cleanest air ever, we returned back to Broto to have some walk around the village before going for dinner. Broto is very picturesque itself with houses of stone decorated exterior and wooden windows, church, river floating through the village (we saw some canoe master rifting down the river) and views to mountains all around the small Broto.

We ate very delicious dinner (about where we ate you will read further in the article) and went to the hotel room to sleep and prepare ourselves for the next day. I can say that we got lucky, even though these days where very windy but at least warm and without rain.

The next day we woke up and went to eat tasty breakfast hotel provided. My partner went for around 4h long ride on his bicycle while I had other plans- working on my blog, planning the next week and going for a small walk to hunt some beautiful photos.

Waterfall Sorrosal

From the village you have also mesmerising view to the waterfall Sorrosal (the same name as hotel). That was my first goal that day so I went there straight away. As it was still morning, no one was on the way there, so I was the only one- me and the waterfall. To reach the waterfall, needed to pass by local gardens, summer houses and small trail to the waterfall. It is not possible to get right next to the waterfall but it does not matter because I got my photos and had joy for my eyes. On my way back I bought bread in “Panaderia: and got some beautiful shots of houses, hotels and the river. Had some snack next to it (there are some places with picnic tables next to the river).



When in the first day we finally reached Broto, we were really hungry. After checking-in the hotel, we went straight to the town to search for the place to eat and found Restaurant Casa Joaquin.

When we go for the lunch in Spain we always try to go around 13.00 because at 14.00 restaurants are always very filled with people as that is the hour when most Spanish people have their lunch. This time again we got in time to restaurant before it was filled with people.

I was very lucky as well to take a seat in the quiet corner of restaurant near the entrance, where I realised later on that has a beautiful view outside the window to waterfall Sorrosal. That is when the photo took place.

We both ordered some local mountain beer and potatoes with different kind of meat. Even though I was very full, I could not resist from the dessert so we ordered black chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and some coffee and it was delicious! Maybe the most delicious dessert I have eaten lately. We got rid of it very fast that is why I forgot to take photo.


We already saw this place during the day and decided that this is where we are going to have a dinner- Cafeteria Sampietro. Right next to the hotel (even though everything is kind of next to the hotel).

For a great night out and dinner, what can be better than a glass (or two? I will not tell you the truth) of local red wine?! Nothing, I can tell you that. So I ordered some wine, with meal (chicken wings, fries and calamari rings). It was one meal which had very good price (9 or 10 Eur). Ate very good, this time without dessert.

If you are interested in hours again, Spanish people have dinner very late- around 21-22.00. Again- better to come some 30-50 minutes earlier.

Lunch (2nd day)

After my partner came back from his sports events and had a shower, we could not choose between having a picnic or going for lunch. We chose to go for lunch in this simple diner type of place Cafeteria Valles which as I understood was known mostly for breakfast and lunch.

I noticed that they have a lot of combined meal options, so we choose that one. I got fries, with pork and egg (Spanish people add cooked egg to a lot of their meals) and some lettuce with tomatoes (the lettuce did not look very good and fresh if are being honest. The portion was big so we ate good anyways and were ready for 2h ride back to home.

Discussion. What is your favourite place to go for vacations? Comment down below! Like, share and follow my blog! Hugs, K.

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