What to do in summer? My favourite summer activities!

I am in love with the late spring and summer time. I feel like a bear crawling out of my winter cave and finally ready to reach my dreams, see the world and meet people after cold and sleepy winter. Do you feel the same? I decided to inspire you this summer to reach the maximum: go out, see the world and meet people! There will be no other summer of 2019!

That is why I decided to write down my favourite activities and places I love to do/ see in sunny and warm/ hot summer days! If you will like it, I will do one about the ideas what to do in rainy days! Get yourself a coffee (or wine) and get inspired.

1. Travel to new places

Travelling has always been my number one hobby. I try and love to travel to different places all year around, but summer is the one where I intent to travel the most. If not to other countries, than at least in the borders of Spain. Spain is huge and there is a lot to see, so I do not mind to travel around the country. Sometimes me and my boyfriend go to the France, Portugal and Andorra.

I know travelling is not for everyone and some people do not like to travel, but trust me, it gives another point of view to the world, people and can learn a lot from those experiences.

I have learned a lot from every place I have visited. My belief is that there are not ugly country, in each you can find something beautiful and exciting.

2. Have a drink in terrace out in the city/ beach

What is better than a cold beer, wine or colourful cocktail in a hot, summer day in bar of Spanish beach or terrace in the city? One of my favourite things to do with my friends or boyfriend over lovely talks and laughs.

I love the summer terrace and cold drink moment which gives me reason to wear some nice dress and heels. I do not like a lot of alcohol, I have one glass and I am just fine. But nothing can be better than colourful, iced cocktail wearing hot dress in hot weather. Try it!

3. Camping

Before you say that camping can be under the “travel” category. I see camping as completely another experience, it can be as part of travel where camping is just where to sleep at night as hotel. But when you do Camping- camping as activity and adventure than it is completely another experience.

We will go to camping soon and I cannot wait it! Usually we spend 3-4 days in camping of Spain or France. Also my love for camping started when I was little and travelled around Europe with my family and now my family own camping in Latvia.

When we go to camping, we build our tent, explore around, usually there are different sport possibilities in camping, restaurant or bar and cafe, in South of Europe also swimming pool. Campings are so much fun. I am from those persons who enjoy 4-5 star hotels with a view over sea as well as camping, sleeping in tent, BBQ on grill or fire pit. Both of these are different way of adventures and experiences.

Also since we have a bunny now, we enjoy take her with us and she loves being in camping, she has her own playground so she has a space, can eat grass and feel as a real bunny and cannot escape at the same time. Last year we had experience when fox visited our tent because she smelled our bunny, but my bunny is a warrior, started to roar and hit her feet against the ground, so it woke me up and we scared the fox away. Women power!

4. Sunbathing and swimming

What is summer without a good sunbathing and swimming in the ocean, sea or swimming pool. In Spain there are so many options, beach to almost every side of the country, if beach is too far away, they have a swimming pools and let me tell you about a swimming pools in Spain and my first experience.

So year ago, my boyfriend tells me that we are going to a swimming pool, I imagine this closed, sport type of swimming pool where you pay for an hour, go swim as much as you can (like a training) and then go home. More like a sport or exercise than fun. We go to this swimming pool, I change into my boring, black one-part bathing suit, and my boyfriend leads me to the swimming pool… which was outside… huge… with palm trees and area for sunbathing next to it as well as ice cream and drink bar! I took small towel for shower, and this boring bathing suit. I was so mad at my boyfriend, haha. I run really fast to change into my other bathing suit which is a bit more interesting and appropriate for fancy swimming pool time.

5. Eat ice cream

I am a real ice cream nerd, what about you? I can eat ice cream, even in -30 C in the winter time but obviously mostly it is my trend in summer. I do enjoy have a real “gelato” which has the authentic, fresh and natural taste. I rather enjoy those than the ice creams from supermarkets.

My boyfriend knows if we go for vacations on beach that we will have to buy an ice cream from those cute “gelato” places. I always choose some sorbet or fruit moment!

6. Basketball dates

Summer time for me is all about getting my body moving and spend as much time as possible being active but also having fun, and basketball is that thing I have always been good at (even though I am very short in my body- but not spirit as I always say).

I used to be in a school team, in sport classes I always scored all the points I needed to get 10/10 and could rest for the next 2-3 classes until my mates got good grades as well.

Now I enjoy to get a ball and go to some basketball field with my boyfriend and do some basketball games and have fun laughing and joking and being active. Basketball is one of the sports that I really enjoy doing and do voluntarily.

7. Talking about sports…

If we talk about sports, last year I have been very active and being more healthy and taking care of my body and my temple. When spring and summer comes, there is no more excuses to not go for a run around the block or ride with bicycle.

I am usually doing jogging twice a week but it asks a lot from me because in all honestly I do not like to run, but I enjoy to have a run because I feel very strong and good afterwards, my whole body feel stronger and I feel emotionally good knowing that I got over myself and can control my mind.

If we talk about bicycles, I am not doing as much for sports (yet) because I am not so into riding it for hours without a goal as activity, I love to go for a ride either with my boyfriend or to have a goal and go to a store or beautiful place to see. My boyfriend surprised me with a new Kross matte pink- black bicycle this Christmas and it is perfect and just how I imagined!

8. Walks around city center, small streets

I am in love to walk around city, my own “ghetto” or go to the center or old part of city and walk around, take photos and every time discover new places, beautiful buildings, parks and sightseeing. I have a mission for you, dress up, take your camera or phone and walk around your city because I can promise that you are going to discover new places, or notice the beautiful building you have not before.

We are always too busy, running around the city and we use to know more about the cities we visit when travelling than our own town. I know that from times when I lived in Riga, and when I started to just wander around I saw the city from different point of view, so that is what I am doing now with the cities I am living at. And when you are done, take a cup of coffee or beer/wine in some cute place and treat yourself.

9. Shopping for skirt and dresses (WEARING THEM)

I used to have hundred of summer pieces and only few sweaters for winter time. Basically for summer I had more clothing than I could ever wear, and for winter, I had the same clothing every day.

Now when I have discovered my winter style and have cute pieces for winter wardrobe, I still more enjoy shopping for summer dresses, bikinis and skirt. I feel like we have more events, going out and festivals or dates in summer time so we need more clothes for more occasions (all the dates, weddings, birthdays and travels).

And obviously as much as I love to shop for clothing in summer (also it is so much more easier to shop and change in changing room during summer time), also I love to wear summer clothes, dress up, pair with accessories and get the camera working.

10. Food (BBQ, sea food and salads)

Don’t you feel like in summer, salads and healthy food has different taste and seem much more tasty than in winter time? I definitely feel like that. I enjoy eating salads, fruits an sea food in summer time and just my body do not ask for heavy and greasy meat food as in winter it does.

Except if we talk about BBQ garden or camping days, love that thing. That is another chill days in summer, where we can chill with our loved ones, gather around grill, drinking beer and having some tea spilling. Also, meat tastes differently on grill than kitchen pan.

Discussion. What is your favourite activity in summer? Would you want me to do a blog post of ideas for rainy days? Let me know in the comments below!

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