DIY Christmas beauty gifts

DIY Christmas ideas!

Kristella Beauty

As 1st Advent is coming closer and I am having this Christmas spirit already, then first of my posts I would love to write about Christmas beauty gifts you can make YOURSELF! Easy, beautiful, unique and healthy- what can be better! So let’s begin!


You will need: 3 little jars
                        120g Coconut oil
                        240g Sugar
       (optional) Essential oils- I used cinnamon oil (Christmasy and yummy)
                        Pigments or colors        

Melt coconut oil (pour hot water in a bowl, and put a small pot with coconut oil in it to melt it). Add sugar and mix it all together. Add pigment or essential oil (just a few drops), Mix it in and pour mixture into jars. Glue some tag on saying: Body scrub (mine is in latvian), decorate with ribbons and colorful paper. Here you go!


 You will need:…

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