5 ways to style leather leggings

It has always been difficult for me to style and look good during winter time with all the layers of coats, scarfs and cold weather. Many times I would just put on the same jeans and sweater and leave the house. Warm, casual, no thought put in- as well as no style.

There has always been the fight between looking stylish and feeling warm. Two years ago I discovered how needed statement peace leather leggings are for me. Most of my outfits are styled around the leggings.

The best part about leather leggings are that they can be worn for every occasion. To work, to football game, to date or cozy Christmas eve dinner with family- if styled appropriately.

No. 1 Stylish street chic 46985939_1260249077449179_4216790610515853312_n

The best thing I love about fashion is to play around with outfits mixing together different styles and testing different items, materials and styles.

This street and casual outfit has T- shirt and Adidas Superstar sneakers styled with classy blazer (jacket). With most of the looks I loved to put on red lipstick. I think red lips and nails is fantastic accent for leather pants.

The classy blazer and red details giving the outfit fashion vibes making it more interesting, fashionable and notable.  What I especially love about this blazer are the 2/3 sleeves which are great for short arms as mine.

Grab your red bag (mine is from Guess) and you are ready to go hunting in shopping mall or have a coffee with friends.


Adidas Superstar: Get your Adidas Superstar HERE

White Vogue T-shirt: Get your white T-shirt HERE

Leather Mango leggings: Get Mango leggings HERE

H&M classy blazer: Get H&M blazer HERE

Red Guess bag: Get your red Guess bag HERE


No. 2 Cozy winterland47169751_359008227991817_5590008340718551040_n

Funny and baggy Christmas sweaters with Grinch or Santa design on is not for you? In that case this sweater might be just for you! Small tip from me? Look around your location for some nice, small outlets- real pearls are hiding in there.

I found this sweater in small outlet next to my house, the store mostly sells clothing from Vero Moda. The sweater has snowflake design all over it, the backside is little longer than frontside and I absolutely like that about it. Material is very cozy, warm and soft.

Leather leggings and cozy, warm sweater like this is how to look cute and festive on Christmas eve or morning at home with your family. This sweater from Vero Moda definitely will be my Christmas sweater this year.

Styled the sweater and leggings with Givenchy type of Chelsea boots with silver buckles.


Vero Moda sweaters: Get Vero Moda sweaters HERE

Chelsea boots with silver buckles: Get your Chelsea boots HERE

No. 3 Classy business woman46982784_720916538285816_4788040987668643840_n

Waking up late? No time to look in mirror and having breakfast? Rushing to work? Put on your leather leggings, a longer white blouse that covers your hips (more appropriate), and run to work being sure that you look stylish and classy at the same time.

I remember, when I worked at office, there were times that I wanted to feel appropriate, stylish and comfortable (3 in 1). This outfit was my most favourite one for those days.

If you are not friends with white, scared to spill your morning coffee onto the white blouse, you can always chose different colours, a bit darker colours, but white gives a woman clean and classy look.

Finish the look with black or grey blazer and you are warm and ready to work while being appropriate and fashionable. Put on boots while outside and change them into black, classic pumps in the office.

I felt like silver jewellery is more settle and goes better with this classic office look.


Black high heel boots: Get black ankle boots HERE

White blouse from New Yorker: Get white blouse HERE

Black blazer: Get black blazer HERE

Necklace with a tree from Baltu rotas: Get Baltu rotas necklace HERE

No. 4 Going out- for a business dinner 47092754_1195685750597356_1225680651487805440_n

This is the second business, office look. You can definitely wear it at office or to business lunch/dinner.

I am happy that finally after 27 years I have found, accepted and fell in love with a turtle neck. All my life I totally ignored and hated on turtle neck sweaters or blouses because I felt like my already curvy but short body just drowns into the turtle neck and becomes invisible.

And now I will come out with a statement: Turtle neck as well as mini black dress is a must-have for your wardrobe. Just choose the right one!

When I was searching for a turtle neck, I wanted to be sure that it is short, one or two layered so the neck would not be too chunky. When the turtle neck is too thick it does not look as clean and classic anymore. This way you can pair it up with a nice, simple necklace or go for something more bulky (as I did this time).

I also love that this turtle neck sweater has nice sleeves with button design and striped texture which lengthens my figure.

Again my white blazer comes into use (you can use grey or nude coloured blazer but don’t use black this time as you did not come to funeral. If you did, well I am sorry for your loss, and I hope it is not the job you lost. ~K.B~)


Black turtle neck: Get Pimkie turtle neck HERE

Statement necklace: Get white statement necklace HERE

White blazer: Get your White Blazer HERE

Black clutch: Get black clutch HERE

No. 5 A night out (date night)47013797_377674739637381_2979769750717988864_n

Winter is the time when I want to deal less with skirt, dresses and tights.  Especially because I come from North and it can be so cold that no tights will help you and your legs turn red in a second. And then comes the weekends and special events where obviously, we- women, want to dress up and look extra special.

Pants can seem not as sexy for nights out but it is if you choose leather leggings, top with bigger cleavage and high heels (I am having sandal type of heels, but for winter can definitely choose pumps or heeled boots as I did with other looks. Moved away few months ago, with only 2 suitcases, I had to leave behind a lot of shoes. But don’t worry babies, mama is coming after you soon, hoho, ~K.B.~ )

As the bag and high heels I used have some golden detailing, I chose golden jewellery to complete the look. It is always good to choose one type of jewellery.


Black top from Mohito fashion: Get your black top HERE

Golden High heels from V1969: Get gold/black high heels HERE

Ring bag from (Kokos shop): Get your ring bag HERE

Bracelet from Baltu rotas: Get bracelet HERE


Now you are full with inspiration and shopping list with new items for your wardrobe.

Remember that most of these items can be mix-matched and changed. Change the blazers with one each other or shoes and bags and you have a complete another look.

Which outfit is your favourite? Comment down below!

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