First impression: Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics has been life changing experience in beauty world. I understood that during last years of reading and seeing all the positive feedback on Youtube, blogs and Instagram about the price, natural ingredients and positive results of Korean skincare and makeup. 

Finally, I jumped right into the testing of Korean cosmetics (I chose this amazing brand called IUNIK). They have a lot to choose from, and I chose products which apply my problem – a lot of wide pores. 


Lime moisture mild Peeling Gel

120g. For all skin types. Pore care. 5 Fruit extract. Moisturising.

” Natural AHA Fruits Complex containing: 5 different fruits extract (Lime, Grape, Orange, Apple, Lemon)
This moisturising peeling gel can help to remove dead skin with a soft and moist texture and give clear and smooth skin.”

How to use: After cleansing, apply proper amount to dry skin, Gently massage and roll the skin with fingertips then rinse off. Avoid the sensitive eye areas. It can be used 1-2 times a week.

Price: $12.99

What I like the most about this IUNIK Lime peeling gel is how soft it feels like. Scrubs can sometimes be too hard and dry on skin (and I don’t have the most sensitive skin).  Peeling gels are great for someone who have sensitive or dry skin, because it does not dry out the skin cells as scrub might do. The scent is citrusy but a bit of rubbing alcohol tone to it as well. Seemed very natural. My first time using peeling gel but I liked it a lot more than scrubs. I just feel like skin on the face is way more fragile and soft to use harsh scrubs and this peeling gel has great texture to give results but at the same time not damaging my skin.

Get IUNIK Lime peeling Gel HERE

Rose galactomyces synergy serum

50ml. All skin types. Whitening & Wrinkle Care New. Moisture. Anti-aging. Pore care. Free Shipping46814182_2155128081413612_7015612757693169664_n

” The first synergy, Rose & Galactomyces Ultra Moisturizing & High Nourishing Serum in Korea. Nourishing & Pore Control / Powerful Moisturizing by Rose Water & Galactomyces Fermentation Water
Whitening & Wrinkle Care by Niancinamade & Adenocin”

The first question I had was: What is Rose Galactomyces synergy Serum? What this difficult name means? “Synergy serum includes unique recipe with galactomyces fermentation water 50% and rose water 10%”

The Second question I had: What the hell is Galacyomyces? “This is a type of yeast from Asian Rice Wine Fermentation. It contains a lot of Abundant Nutrition such as Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids. Galacyomyces helps skin oil control, lifting and lightening.

Rose water helps to moisturise and balance our precious skin.

Price: $19.99

Again I chose this product to balance my skin and pores. The first thing I noticed about IUNIK Rose galactomyces synergy serum was the nice, thick texture it has (a bit jelly). The serum has no scent (or very light scent) which I, to be honest, love about this product. We all love nice, rich scent of fruits or roses but if you want to believe that this is 100% natural product, it is not possible if the product would have strong synthetic rose scent. So logically thinking, it attracted me to the Rose serum even more. Then while applying the serum on my skin I noticed how fast serum soaks into my dry skin and does not feel oily at all. I really like this serum a lot! It balances my skin, my skin feels naturally moisturised. I don’t like oily serums because I have combined skin, I can have really dry patches of skin combined with really oily parts of the skin. Rose Galactomyces synergy serums feels very good on my skin, balances my pores and problematic parts of my skin. 

Get your Rose galactomyces synergy serum HERE


My first time using Korean cosmetics and products AirBrush_20181121134025from IUNIK and I have the best impressions about the products. My skin appreciated the serum and peeling gel, they are very gently and at the same time giving good result.

IUNIK- Kristella approved! 

Have you tried Korean cosmetics? Which brands and how do you like it? Comment down below! 


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