Ideal of Sweden new collection: How I style their new phone case?

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Today I decided to write about Ideal of Sweden new A/W 18 collection. You can see the new collection by clicking on HERE

As Ideal of Sweden is the company that works for fashion and stylish luxury accessories then how else to tell you, my beautiful people, about their new collection then styling their phone case with outfit and accessories.

Let’s start? 

1. The case I will be styling

* photo from Ideal of Sweden archive

  This is the beautiful phone case from new autumn collection of Ideal of Sweden. The phone case is in gold, white and emerald green colours which gives luxurious but at the same time autumn-kind-of vibe to it. This case has marble style and I found it the most interesting and luxurious and also interesting to style. Do you like it?

2. Accessories and Makeup

At the moment I saw this phone case of A/W 18 collection, I closed my eyes and could see this amazing phone case in the hands on beautiful lady, her lips are bloody red, so are her nails and around neck and wrist she wears luxurious, shiny gold jewellery.


3. Passionate “look at me” outfit

As this Ideal of Sweden emerald and gold case reminded me of luxurious and passionate vibes, I could not ignore red high-heels and red bag, So with smile on my face I put on my red Tamaris heels and red Guess bag and imagined walking around, “Instagramming” with this case in my hands.


And what goes great with passionate red accessories? Black and white feminine dress.


    4. If red is not your colour, let’s go for some lower color shades, what about some black and antique pink with a bit of gold touch?! 


Emerald green and gold have very good relationships and can be paired
with antique shades like antique colour feminine dress to cool down the gold detailing in your outfit. With this knee-hight, detailed sleeved antique dress you can surely show up at work who everyone knows as stylish colleague.


This antique dress  can be turned into night outfit by pairing the outfit with little black ring bag (which is this seasons  trend) and black/ gold sandal shoes.


Ladies, I hope you enjoyed this style and fashion post, check out Ideal of Sweden collection HERE and use my discount code “KRISTELLAB20” to get 20% OFF!

Let me know what do you think- is phone case part of outfit?

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