Travel essentials: BEAUTY


Lately I am traveling a lot, and I can not travel without beauty items with me to make me look fresh and good even if I am going to camping or mountains. At the same time I can’t and will not take the whole “house” of beauty items with me so the struggle is real. If you are struggling with thinking what beauty items to take with you and which not, this post about travel essentials can help you.

Of course that each time the items change a bit depending on where I am going (city, camping, hotel, beach), what I will be doing and the situation of my skin that moment. As well as everyone can have different needs and importance of beauty products, these are just mine that I find useful. Let’s start? 

1. Make-up cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes are the best travel essentials especially if you travel by plane. They are easy to use, no stress of breaking them and get spilled. They are useful even if you are not using make-up but only want to clean your face and take dirt off the face.Beauty_essentials_travel

I got these travel size wipes from Sephora, the scent is amazing “watermelony”, you get
10 wipes in the package. They clean off make-up very easily without need to rub my face too much.

Get your Sephora watermelon wipes HERE

2. Face oil or face cream

When it comes to skincare for our precious faces, I don’t have time to do full skincare routine when travelling, neither do I want it (haha, ~Kb~), it is over-helming already and do we want to bother our minds with it when travelling? Well I don’t.

However, the skin when travelling can become dry and break out and give full package of surprises so I usually take some face cream or oil to moisturise it before going to sleep or during the day time.

I have this amazing face oil for some time now and the scent is so fresh and citrus-like. I really like using fresh, citrus scents on my face- makes me feel very fresh and awake.

Face oil I am using is Mossa Vitamin oil cocktail with 10 potent oils and sea buckthorn and raspberry multivitamins made by Mossa Cosmetics, in Latvia (my hometown, ~Kb~).

Get your Mossa Cosmetics face oil HERE

3. Lip balm

I can’t imagine travelling or in that matter going anywhere outside of the house without lip balm. There are so many options. you can have, but having a lip balm is very important for you.

None loves that chop, dry feel on lips. Especially if you travel to sunny beach vacations, it is necessary to save your lips from sun exposure. This time i chose Baby lips from Maybelline with SPF20 in it.

Get your Maybelline Baby lips lip balm HERE


4. Lip gloss

If you have a lip balm with you, lip gloss is not the essential you can’t live without but for me it is the way how to “dress up” my beauty and face look if I am going out for dinner one day or having special even planned on my travel. Again, we want to feel relaxed and enjoy our travels right? So why stress ourselves with red lipstick marks all over face or on the wine glass?

My all time favourite (please brands, you are welcome to make me change my mind, ~Kb~) is NYX Mega Shine lip gloss. My NYX dream is to have all shades of this lip gloss (girl can dream, right?).

Get your NYX Mega shine lip gloss HERE

5. Perfume or perfumed spray

I love, love, love.. did I say I love? I LOVE perfumes and smell fresh and nice all the time that is why I will always take either sample size perfume with me or Fragrance mist/spray with me when travelling. Sprays are the best because they give you that simple, soft scent and it is not over-helming and I like that on travels.Travel_essentials

Since long time I have been loving Fragrance mists from Victoria’s Secret, they have many different scents so you can find the best what suits you. Mine is called Passion Struck and the scent is: fuji apple and vanilla orchid (my favourite Fragrance mist from
Victoria’s secret. (Even spraying this one while writing my blog, ~Kb~ )

Get your Victoria’s Secret Fragrance mist HERE

6. Body oil/ spray/ body cream or any moisturiser

Well here girls (and boys) you can go with whatever is close to your heart and soul and whatever moisturises your legs and bodies. I sometimes go for Body shop body butters because everyone know they smell like paradise gardens and help moisturise our beautiful bodies.

This time, when going to camping, I wanted something what is easy and fast to apply. I chose Segredos Body Mist, just spray it one, rub it a bit in your skin and your legs will be naturally moisturised with soft shimmer, no oily grease on legs and hands. This Segredos Body Mist is made of Guarana, Mango and Maracuja (delicious…).

Unfortunately I did not find where you can get Segredos Body mist so here is the alternative. 

Get Vera Wang Body mist HERE

7. Face powder/ BB cream

For me I may live without foundation but I can not really go days without powder. This is one of the travel beauty essentials I can not live without. On holidays when there can be rain, sun, sea none wants to have a heavy mask on and think the whole time about if foundation haven’t been dripping off the face leaving awful lines (It has happened to me, and you?)

That is why I chose good coverage powder and this one from Gosh cosmetics is BB powder No. 02. The powder is natural, mattifying and moisturising and I have been loving it for a year now. I would say it is for oily or normal skin type.

Get your Gosh Cosmetics BB powder HERE


8. Concealer

I can’t guarantee you that you will get proposed on your vacations or that you will stay in five star hotel but I can guarantee that you will have dark under-eye circles or maybe even some break outs at some point.

For that reason, concealer is always what I reach for when I wake up (no matter if it is camping, beach house or hotel).

Estée Lauder is one of my favourite high-end brands, the brand has one of the best concealers and foundations out there. The one I chose is Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer in a shade Light Cool. 

Get your Estée Lauder Double wear concealer HERE

9. Natural black mascara

We have come to mascara. I barely leave a house without mascara on. Good lashes and eyebrows are the most important part of make-up to as we do not want to look like a zombie apocalypse has just started! travel_beauty_essentials_dior

As I take a lot of photos during my trips to tell you ladies and gentlemen about how I spent my time and what I did, I want to look good but still natural, that is why lashes and brows are super important for me (and I think for you too ehh?).

My high-end favourite is Addict- it Mascara from Dior. The mascara is Mega black but
at the same time natural and the packaging, well it is Dior level.

Get your Dior Addict-It mascara HERE

10. Eye brow pencil

Except if you have brows dyed and done in salon, this is necessary for you. Again, it depends on the person but if you are like me thinking that brows is the best face sculpt then this is a necessity like Vanish cloth wash in your purse.

One of my all time favourites are eye brow pencil from Art Deco cosmetics No. 6. This eyebrow pencil has brown- grey color, is soft but not too soft and has the best texture.

Get your Art deco brow pencil HERE

These are all my travel beauty essentials, they might now work for you, but they work for me and maybe this post helps you. Subscribe to my blog, share with friends and like it!

What are your travel beauty essentials?

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