REVIEW: Kardashian beauty dry shampoo & Black seed oil

  I have never understood dry shampoo before, their use and how to use them and why they are worth they money. But seeing Kardashian coming out with their hair cosmetics line and hearing good feedback from many people who have tried it, made me want to buy dry shampoo from Kardashian beauty range.
  About hair oil is different story. Always trying out, buying, using all kind of hair oils for my dull and sometimes crazy hair which can be too dry in times especially if i straighten them too much. And when I saw this Kardashian black seed oil in Baltic Beauty exhibition last year for a discount, and in such a luxurious packaging, i couldn’t resist.
  So some of my thoughts and opinion on these two products from Kardashian Beauty! 

👉 Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo

    1. Price: In Latvia, Douglas 16,45 Eur
    2. Country: USA (Farouk, Biosilk)
    3. Volume: 150g
    4. Ingredients: black seed oil, hydrolyzed silk, vitamin E and A
    5. Directions: Shake well before use. Spray throughout the head and scalp. Let product dry and then massage scalp with fingertips. Brush hair to allow even distribution of product.

    I said before that I didn’t get it?! I get it now! I deffinetly understand the purpose on it, especially for a person like me who has a very dull hair, who doesn’t wash it every day but wants some refreshing and make them seem cleaner than I am. For a person who needs to style hair to make them look good, but by styling the next day they are not the same anymore so the shampoo gets out all the excess oils, make roots shine and seem refreshed and washed and clean. I get it, I like it and i recommend this!

👉 Kardashian Beauty Intensive repair treatment

   1. Price: In Latvia, Douglas 21,99 Eur
    2. Country: USA (Farouk, Biosilk)
    3. Volume: 50ml
    4. Ingredients: black seed oil, hydrolyzed silk, vitamin E
    5. Directions: Dispense desired amount into your palms, apply on your hair focusing on mid shaft to ends.
    As I have mentioned before, I have used plenty of different hair oils, some of which has been great, some of which have not done anything good to my hair and some of which has been neutral. First what i noticed about this hair treatment i
s the scent of it, so feminine, fresh, intime and sexy. The next thing was the texture- so silk-like, soft, feeling very nice and smoothing on my palm already. And when applying oil into the ends of my hair, seems like it does the miracle right away. Makes my hair very soft and shiny and not dull anymore at all.
   Really like this oil, still my favourite since November. One of my favourites all time hair oils and treatments. Recommend for everyone especially the ones with dull crazy hair like mine 🙂

Question for you: have you tried some of Kardashian beauty products? How did you like and what you recommend others to use?

P.S. This is not ad or commercial, I don’t receive any money or free products for doing these articles. 

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