REVIEW: BIOSILK shampoo and conditioner

   Searching for and trying out new hair care products for me is very important and time consuming, because my hair are difficult to deal with so it is not easy to wash them and make them look good and appropriate for other eyes. My hair are thick, long and very dull and fluffy if I may say. When someone can say: you lucky one! I would say: yes and no!

   Washing my hair takes from me actual strength, my arms always get freaking tired of washing them. Then the blowdrying can take hours! And you think that is enough and they are perfect and silky like in the commercials?! Yea, if the commercial is about poodle with dull hairstyle. So then only comes the real issue and fight- am I going to straighten them for one more hour or I will just act like poodle and microphone hair is back in style?! That is a real struggle right there!
So let’s say- even though I have found many great hair products and shampoos, I am still searching for better and better solutions!

   Thought as a note: I do love my hair and I am happy I am having some thick and long hair right there and YES they are good for using and showing on commercials. YES I deffinetly let you send me hair products and irons to try out!  (and yes this is a joke)

General facts:

     NAME: Biosilk Hydrating therapy shampoo and Color therapy conditioner
     Country: Made in the USA
     Parabens: FREE
     Volume: 355ml each
            SHAMPOO: Maracuja, seed oil, quinoa, salvia extract etc.
            CONDITIONER: bamboo extract, gooseberry extract, hydrolized silk, lemon fruit extract etc.

The form of bottles are made to be easy to hold and so it would lie in hand easily.
I very much like the scent of it, especially the shampoo. It is not very special but it let me know that it is refreshing, clean and will take care of my dull hair.

First what i noticed about this shampoo, which is very important to wash your hair appropriately is that they make a lot of foam and so I can tell it will wash my hair better and it will be cleaner.

Other thing I noticed just by washing it out is- the shampoo seems very hydrating.

After i finish washing my hair, I am adding a Color therapy conditioner (my hair is coloured dark brown, thanks to my aweso
me hairdresser). Seems very silky and nourishing, leaving my hair feeling very healthy and good.

After blowdrying my hair, they feel silkier and healthier and smells like a bamboo and flower and all in one. Very fresh and clean feeling what i so adore after showers and washing my hair.

IN CONCLUSION: I do enjoy this duo, I will use it more and more. I do have heard that for some it creates dandruff. So probably it is not for everyone and everyones skin, but nothing is for everyone. For me it works perfectly fine. That is why i would recommend to try this product and see yourself how it works.

Here you can see after-look: After washing, drying and styling

    – in LATVIA: Douglas- shampoo for 16.49 eur/ conditioner for 8.39 eur (normally 13.99 eur)
                           Beautyfor- shampoo 15.69 eur/ conditioner for 16.51 eur

   Outside of Latvia: Ulta, Walmart, Target etc

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