How I clean and wash my Make-Up brushes?

      Sometimes people forget about the basics. As in everything in this world, also fashion and make-up has its basic people forget about but which are important for your health and good-being and tidy life around you.
      When i started to use Make-up and try things out with it and explore it, I really didn’t think about such an important part of the whole Make-up and beauty procedure as cleaning and taking care of my make-up equipment, and by saying equipment I refer it to the brushes. If you sometimes think why you can’t get rid of acne or your pores getting blocked all over again and you get more and more pimples on your face then this might be the reason why. And no super-duper power extreme lux expensive cream won’t help you if you keep using dirty brushes on your face.
     So when I realised how important it is to wash brushes I asked HOW? How do i clean/ wash them without spoiling them and what is the best way to do it. So during these years I have found my best way to do it.

As you can see my favourite brushes are from Real Techniques and Eco tools. 

1. I start with finding shampoo or soup the most healthy one with no parabens or parfume. The best one is to use baby shampoo or eco shampoo but I am at parents house and the most friendly one for me was the one from lush.

2. Then I run the water in a small stream, pour a little shampoo in my palm and slowly and carefully, with circular movements, push the brush on my palm a bit more forcefully so that the cosmetics are washed out of the bristles and they become clean. Be careful and avoid water getting behind the metal part as it is part of the glue where the bristles can start to fall out.

3. Then, when all the brushes have been washed, I put them on the edge of the sink so that the part of the bristle is above the edge so that they do not lose shape. Now let them rest for a night, enjoy the night and relax.

4. The most important part of this whole procedure! Put a face mask on your face, go in a bath with a glass of champagne and relax (and do not forget to wash your face from the makeup layer as well). 🙂

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