Dior Addict-it Mascara REVIEW

This Mascara is special for me because it is the first Highend mascara I bought and the one i fell in love with and understood why girls spend so much money on lux mascaras. Yes- Maybelline or Rimmel and other drugstore mascaras are very good for its price and i will repurchase more and more not regretting it, but this mascara has just that luxurious look and feel of it.

Starting with this Dior Mascara, just look at its signature packaging with that Dior silver pom-pom on the top.
Packaging is simple but chic and luxurious at the same time having that Dior signature look.

If packaging is not important for you and you are not ready to spend time on it, then you should just go ahead and apply mascara itself on your lashes. It gives that great, full and thick look to your lashes but at the same time they do not look fake, they look like God have made your lashes that way.

The name of this Dior mascara talk for itself, really made me addicted and I am unpatient to try other Dior mascaras out.

Tell me your thoughts about Dior Addict it Mascara

Price in Latvia: 34,99 € (Douglas) 
Outside of Latvia: 29.50$ (Sephora) 


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