Shopping in Latvia/ Riga

My shopping mall TOP 4 in Riga.

  1. Galleria Centrs. Situated in the heart of Riga, Old town, It has such a stores as Guess, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, S.Oliver, The body shop, Massimo Dutti etc. I like that everything is compact, It is not too huge and easy to walk around.

    2. Galleria Riga. This mall is pricier, much more luxurious starting from its look, covered in gold and emerald coloring and ending with the top floor as a terrace which gives you a nice sight seeing around Riga. In summers you can enjoy the view with some cocktail glass in a bar on the roof. What goes for the shopping, you can shop in such a stores as H&M, as well as Baltman, Springfield, Cop.copine and others.

   3. Domina shopping. Situated a bit further away from the center but still near by. It has all kind of stores and price range. Starting with H&M again ending with Guess, Pierre Cardin, Gerry weber, Geox, Inglot etc. It is very wide mall and all the stores are located in one floor.

     4. Alfa. This mall is  located like 15 min drive from the center. It also has a movie theater in it so it is a win win. As goes for shopping it has Zara, Mango, Guess, Gerry Weber, H&M…

2. Brand and designer shopping
   Which goes for more luxurious brands and designers I would suggest you a Stockmann which is located next to the Central Station and Movie theater and has all kind of brands including Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade and also a corner for luxurious Make up. Then There is Palladium, which I have never visited because it is extremely expensive, but if you want to check it out it is located right infront of Statue of liberty. And the next one is Elkor, located on Brīvības street, close to Domina shopping mall.

3. Brand outlet store.

    On warm days i really enjoy walking around small stores and searching for unique pieces which are sold for smaller price. And I have discovered few stores which I always visit when i am searching for some fashion piece. Starting with shoes, I found this great store Sisi free store on Valdemara street 20 which has shoes from brand like Michael Kors, timberland, Guess and others. I bought my golden Michael Kors for 50Eur in the place of 150Eur. The other one i love is located on Brīvības street and Gertrudes street corner and is called Outlet Bazaar. IT has mostly italian and spanish brands like Rinascimiento, but also Guess, Valentino, Diesel and others.

4. Introducing you with stores you cannot find in USA or UK
    So now the stores which i suggest you but you might not have heard of them.
    4.1. Mohito. Very feminine store full with classic clothes but in nice feminine, fashionable and modern way. It is all full with that nice pale pink, blue, yellow colors but also hot red, pink and others, Really suggest you to visit this store. It has great quality clothes for Zara or H&M price range. Suggest you to check their bags because they basically the most durable bags, TESTED.

   4.2. Pull&Bear. Great for its jeans. If you like Zara jeans then these are the same price range and i think similar quality, have tested them on jeans and got few in the past and loved those. But great store for other kind of clothes as well.

  4.3. New Yorker. Store for all kind of styles. You will find here ripped jeans and leather jackets as well as nice flirty dresses and pink skirts. Also my favourite store for nightwear and lingerie. If you want to enjoy this store fully, search for it in Old town, or just find it in Domina shopping mall.

5. Make up Stores in Latvia.
    Now if you visit Latvia and are confused of store names and chainstore names here, wanting to buy make up but just dont have a clue where to do so.
    The hygene products and drugstore make up you can buy in Drogas which is located basically all around the city and malls like Alfa, Galeria Centrs…
     More luxurious designer and brand make up as well as perfume like Dior, Estee Lauder, YSL, Gucci and others i am loving to buy in Douglas which is also a chain store located around the city on its own or in malls like Domina, Galleria Centrs and Alfa.

     You can also find it in Stockmann mall but to be honest have never bought any from there. Can find brands like Mac as well, unfortunately we dont have single Mac stores.
     And what goes for single stores there are Nyx in old town, Aspazijas Bulvaris is the address. Inglot in Domina.

I am adding a map where i tried to write in approx places of the stores and malls, except Alfa and Domina as they are away from the center but you can check them out in Google. 

Hopefully you enjoying your visit in Latvia, or if you are latvian then maybe it helped you and you discovered more stores in this blog post. Wanted to also mention that this is no advertisement or written in commercial purposes whatsoever, it is just my opinion on stores and malls I am usually going and shopping for clothes, make up and accessories. None of these stores or malls mentioned are not giving me any discounts, money or products for this even how much i would be loving it xD


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