Who am I? ( Latvia, european capital of WIFI, languages, inspiration)

 Suddenly some girl with weird English (sorry for that, not native in English) starts to post in her blog and talk about fashion and beauty, make profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube. Who is her you may wonder- or if not- STOP READING RIGHT NOW ^^! So I want to introduce you with myself…
I am Kristine; I am coming from Latvia (Northern Europe). My native language is Latvian; I know English, French, Spanish and Russian. Grew up in small town, now living in Riga (the capital) – You should visit, It is beautiful. 
I have finished French philology (linguistics) studies. Have worked in so many places (school, camping, accountancy center, and brand outlet store) but have always been interested in beauty, make-up and fashion. I am starting with blog, but would love to also make videos on YouTube to better express myself and my ideas- need courage and better camera  (any advices on camera brand- let me know).
The idea about blog and YouTube I had when I saw the first beauty video, it was video of Fleur de Force, about hair extensions. The very beginning of her YouTube I think- and look where she is now! Not even hoping or trying to be as good as she is though. But she is my inspiration and guru- such a lovely and smart woman.
I think that the job I loved the most were in the brand store. I was working individually; the work was very creative and inspiring. There I got more understanding about brands and style which helps me now- and that is about the time when I started my blog.
I need to learn a lot to be professional or teach others so please be patient with me. And about my English, sorry I don’t have perfect English and prononciation- be nice and understanding! Especially when I will start my YouTube- oh God, be gentle guys! 😀
Have a nice month and make the best out of this year!
Sincerely, Kristella

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